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  • Fun Facts About Spain You Probably Don’t Know

    By Gulliver | August 23, 2016

    Facts of spainSpain is considered to be one of the oldest cultures across the globe which possesses rich heritage which influences the entire continents. Spain is the birth place of the Spanish language, Migues Cervantes and Pablo Picasso. Spain is such a beautiful and creative destination which attracts millions of people every year to this splendid place. Spain has tons of things to offer starting from the chorizos and matadors to Spanish guitars and flamenco dance. Spain is such an interesting destination that once you starting knowing its facts, you cannot resist yourself and would definitely want to visit it. Here are some of the fun facts about Spain which would increase your interest in this marvelous place.

    There were many inhabitants who crossed the land of Spain and all gave different names to this place. First of all non-African inhabitants came and crossed Spain. They passed the straits of Gibraltar and they called it Iberia. Iberia was first name of Spain. Iberia means the land of rivers. After that Greeks was the one who invaded here. After invading this peninsula, they called this place as Hesperia. The meaning of this word is land of the setting sun. It was at that point of time, the western most point of the whole European continent. After that the Carthaginians came to this place around the time of 300 BCE and they called the place as Ispania. The meaning of Ispania is land of rabbits. Later the romans came and they took over the place and they named it as Hispania. Over some time it changed to Espana and then it gradually changed to Espana which means land of rabbits.

    We all know about the tooth fairy concept, but when it comes to Spain, there is no such concept. Instead in Spain they have a legend called “Ratoncito Perez”. This legend accepts the teeth of children and gives them gifts in return.

    According to this custom, Spanish people celebrate the New Year by eating grapes with their family. For each bell strike of the clock, they will eat one grape. Thus they will eat total 12 grapes in a day with their family members and hence this culture is named as New Year custom of 12 grapes. Originally this custom was made popular by Spanish wine growers in a way to sell out their excess grapes.

    In Spanish a person derives two surnames the first surname is derived from the father and the second surname is derived from the mother. Let’s make this clear by an example. If your name is Ethan martin Lopez and the name of your wife is Selena Gonzalez Garcia, then the name of your kid would be Martin Gonzalez. But now with the new gender equality concept, this concept is now being changed and mothers last name is favored more.

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    How to Plan your Alaska Cruise Trip

    By Gale | June 29, 2016

    How to Plan your Alaska Cruise TripAlaska is such place which can help you in getting lost in the beauty of the world which is being given by the almighty. The beautiful waterfalls, with all the scenic beauty which is supplied in this place is considered to be such eye catching view which the tourist must not go out for missing it. And if you will ask me then I would advise you of taking the chance to plan your Alaska cruise trip. I know it sound something different but trust me it is going to be one of the most beautiful experiences of your life which you can get with the help of planning your Alaska cruise trip with your loved ones. Well, there are many things which you need to talk in to account at the time of going for planning your Alaska cruise which is further discussed.

    The further discussion will help you in knowing the things which you are going to be required when planning your Alaska cruise trip. Don’t worries, it is considered to be easy with the going of the trip and mark my words, you are going to enjoy up your things in a better manner. There are many things which you need to consider at the time of going for planning your Alaska cruise trip like possessing your current passport, booking up your hotels, going for the window balcony in your cruise, etc. and many more of the things which is considered to be important for the traveller to take in to account at the time of planning your Alaska cruise trip.

    How to plan your Alaska cruise trip

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    Most Haunted Places In The World

    By Gulliver | May 24, 2016

    When we are small, we have heard many stories from our grandparents of ghost and other scary things. But at that we were small and we thought they are just stories. But haunted stories are not totally stories, there lies truth in it. These stories still scare us sometimes in dreams sometimes just in imagination but this scary experience goes on. If you are brave enough and are curious to know some of the most haunted places of the world then have a brief look in this article which will take you on a hair rising experience to the most haunted places of the world. Along with the knowing the most haunted places of the world, you will also get to know the reason why they are considered most haunted places of the world.

    Bhangarh fortRajasthan is such a beautiful and colorful state, but who knows there lays a hidden mystery and it will be included in one of the most haunted places of the world. Bhangarh is situated on the way of Jaipur and alwar in Rajasthan in India. As per the stories and legend, in the old times there was a black magic sorcerer and he given a curse to the residents of the palace that all of them would have a death in an unnatural way and their spirits will stay in the palace only for centuries and ages to haunt the fort forever. This fort is one of the most haunted places of the world as it can freak out any of the mortal legend on the world. There is one more fact about these most haunted places of the world that the houses here are built without roof as there is a belief and even experience that as soon as the roof is built on the houses it collapses.  Anyone is not allowed to spend night in the fort, and it is even believed if anyone stayed there after dusk then he never comes back.

    Highgate cemetryWatching this one of the most haunted places of the world is like horror flick of Alfred Hitchcock in real. By the dusk time, the actual horror environment takes place and it is really scary. This cemetery is one of the best places for ghost hunters. You can found headless statues, unmanaged grass pavements, creepy pathways and you cannot ignore the hooting of owl in the dark silent scary night. It is in one of the top position in England in scary and haunted places.




    Screaming tunnel-Niagara falls, Ontario

    Screaming tunnelThis place is only for the one who is brave and can boast hard of their fearless spirit. This is one of the most haunted places of the world situated under the railway track connecting the Niagara Falls to New York and Toronto. There is a story that there was a farm house nearby the south entrance of these tunes. One day it fire caught fire and one young girl doused in flame she ran for help wildly screaming through the tunnel if she can get help but at last she was dead by the fire. So from that day, if someone tries to light a match in that scary tunnel, the spirit of that girl and she will haunt the person till death.

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    Lanai: Must Visit Hawaiian Island

    By Traveler | July 7, 2015

    Located in the middle of the Hawaiian Islands, Lanai is such a great destinations to visit either with the family or even with the bunch of friends or with your love. Lanai, a beautiful Hawaiian island was once known as the Pineapple Isle. It is now known as the secluded isle. This island is not so very bigger but it is inhabited and small still it offers very unique and fascinating activity to do and enjoy. You can explore historical places of Lanai, have fabulous road trips and can relax on the beautiful sandy beaches. Here are some of the places which you should visit while your stay in lanai.

    Shipwreck beachShipwreck beach is very popular point for all visitors to see and enjoy. Be careful you cannot enjoy swimming here. Swimming is very unsafe. You can get variety of unique items here like shells and various other treasures which wash up on the shore. Lanai is a great eight mile stretch where you can do sunbath, fishing, have long walk and even explore it as a picnic spot. You might be curious to know why it is named shipwreck beach. It is known for its enumerous reefs and strong currents and bounty of ships have met their watery failure here. The first shipwreck took place in 1824 when alderman wood, a British vessel came across its fate. Two years after this incident, an American ship sunk in this place. It was believed that ship carried a lot of gold and silver and no one knows how much it was recovered or it was not at all recovered.

    Munro TrailTake a four wheel drive at the Munro trail if you like adventures and want to experience one. The road is very dirty and even rutted in spots but the views and sites make it worth a visit. At the peak of the trail you can see 6 islands on a day at a height of 3370 foot which is known as the Lanaihale point. It is 12.8 mile four wheel drive by passing a pine clad narrow bridge which was named after George Munro who was the manager of the lanai ranch company who started the reforestation in the 1950 which was severely needed. You can also plan for hiking although the road is steep, ground being uneven along with scarcity of water.

    Sweetheart rockPuu pehe more popular as the sweetheart rock is a 80 feet tall rock with a romantic, haunted, fascinating and interesting story behind it. I know you would be so anxious to know the story. Here we start. There was a beautiful young princess from Maui who was captured by a young warrior from Lanai. He married her. He was so possessive that no other man should see his wife and thus he confined the beautiful princess to a sea cave near the rock. One day while the warrior was away there was a sudden change in the weather. He rushed away to save his princess but unfortunately he was late and princess was drowned. Sad and heartbroken warrior took the body of princess and climbed the steep rock and buried her in a tomb. After that he leaped off the rock to his death in grief of losing his lovely princes. Your reaction might be like Awww…. after hearing this fascinating, romantic and haunted story. I am sure it would have taken you to a fairytale world imagining their love and grief. Sorry to take you out of this fairytale world but archeologist says that no humans remains on the top of the tomb. They say that the tomb would be actually a bird heiau made by ancient Hawaiians. Plenty of bones of birds are seen near the heiau.

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    Must Visit Places In Phuket

    By Gulliver | May 8, 2015

    Phuket is a great hub of attractive places to visit. Its beauty offers you with natural and manmade hangout’s along with land as well as water pleasures. And one of the best advantages is that all these attractions are just within short distance which can be reached by land or by sailing. Here are some must visitable places in Phuket seeing those places will create a bucket full of memories in your life which you will take back home along with you and cherish them for the rest of your life.

    Phang Nga Bay

    Phang Nga BayPhang Nga is such a beautiful place which visited whenever gives a different feel. There are innumerous ways to visit it like car, bike, boat, luxury yatch, longtail kayak and even on a Chinese junk. But the best way to visit it and take the utmost pleasure of the place is through luxury yatch. The two extremely glorious points to visit in Phang Nga is James Bond Island and Koh Panyee. The best possible way to visit this and take utmost joy from this visit is to take a boat tour from the north end of Phuket. It is crowded most of times but visit it at a time of less crowd and the island is all yours.

    Old Phuket Town  

    Old Phuket TownOld Phuket town has a personality of its own.  It’s by far the trendiest and richest area of Phuket. But it is historically very rich part of Phuket having shrines, temples (Buddhist and Chinese) tiny printing shops, ornate and finely preserved shop houses, impromptu private and public museums, and a mini ex-red light district. Phuket old town was build in last century with the most pricely commodity of that time metal. Thalang road is very popular here where you can see Soi Romanee which is for sure a nice place to see. There are plenty of other interesting places along this Thalang road. You should particularly not miss the new Sunday walking street on Thalang Road.

    Bangla Road Nightlife

    Bangla NightlifeBangla Road, a place which comes alive after sunset. This road is closed after sunset to avoid vehicle traffic. It’s a 400 meters road studded with neon lights, sexy girls, cheap beers, and loud music hitting your ears. Most of the night, this place is full with people. It’s really an exciting place to take a walk around at night to take real feel of Phuket. Here all bars are outdoor so music of each one clashes creating a total mess, along with bars there is also several pubs, discos, restaurants and other attractions.

    Big Buddha

    Big BuddhaBig Buddha, a 45 meter tall huge white marble statue of Buddha which is able to be seen from anywhere in the southern part of Phuket. The views which is visible from its top will definitely stop your breathe for a second. It’s that wonderful. This huge image sets on the top of Nakkerd Hills between Kata and Chalong. When you reach the top of the hill, you will find a big parking and there will be a path which takes you to a construction where people can donate, buy amulets and occasional ceremonies are also held there sometimes. If you want peace of mind you should definitely visit this place as there is a peaceful atmosphere and the only sound you hear is of small bells and the yellow Buddhist flags flapping and the soft music of dharma in the background.

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    What is the best time to book a flight?

    By cooldude | February 4, 2015

    Lost your perfect deal just because you didn’t know when to book? Did you make the mistake of booking it too early or too late? Is it your first to book a flight?

    Don’t worry, here is the solution. Just follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

    1. Choose the correct day to travel

    The cheapest day to travel is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. The cost of these tickets is comparatively less.

    2. Choose the correct time to travel

    The cheapest flights are those either in the early morning or late at night. Demands for such flights are low and so the prices are low too.

    3. Choose the correct day to book the tickets

    The correct day to book a flight is Tuesday at around 3 pm according to the Eastern Time. The reason being on Mondays, one of the flights announces a sale and by Tuesday all the other flights manipulate their prices accordingly.

    4. Choose the correct time frame to book the ticket

    The average time frame to book a flight is between 104 days to 29 days before the travel. It has been seen that the cheapest flights are usually available 54 days before the travel date.

    5. Connecting flights can save big bucks

    Sometimes having multiple stop overs can save big bucks especially if you include the next point in the stops.

    6. Bigger airports means cheaper transportation

    Bigger airports have a number of flights connecting them. Since, the demand and supply are going hand in hand, the prices of tickets to such airports are cheaper.

    7. One passenger at one time

    Booking tickets separately means you can avail the same discount for every passenger. This means you can save twice the amount.

    8. Flight alerts can be extremely useful

    You should always sign into different airline sites if you are a frequent flyer. The reason being you can easily get updates about deals in your very own email id.

    9. Check fares before booking

    Don’t buy the ticket right way. Check the fares every day and then book. You never know when you can get lucky

    10. Seasons and holidays means prices hiking mister

    If you are thinking about travelling during a holiday or during the peak season beware the prices are the most at this time. The time reference for booking the flight also changes here.

    11. Exotic and remote places have their own charms

    Exotic places are always in demand. And remote places are rarely in demand. Flights to both these place are extremely expensive and the chances that the amount changes is difficult.

    12. Check the baggage allowance e otherwise there is no point

    Every flight has different allowances, so don’t go on your memory.

    13. Buy from price drop payback sites

    Some sites have the option of returning you the money for a ticket on which a sale has occurred after you have booked it.

    Don’t waste your money on flights when you can easily enjoy on your trip with that money. Be smart, save money and enjoy to the fullest.

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    Things to do in Hoi An, Vietnam

    By cooldude | October 24, 2014

    When it comes to South East Asian travel destinations, Hoi An is a much adored tourist hotspot. It’s a Vietnamese city located on East Sea Coast of South Central Vietnam Coast region. It’s a treat to wander across Hoi An, Vietnam, courtesy its plenty of amazing attractions and fun activities.

    Great activities for kids and teens

    Hoi An’s easy proximity to a good number of best Vietnamese beaches & country-side has made it a popular destination for aquatic adventures for both kids and teens, Hence if you are in a family holiday with your children you should make it a point to indulge your little ones in thrill water adventures here. Surfing is one of the most popular adventure sports here – there are locals working to teach kids how to enjoy a typical basket boat ride. Your kids will also enjoy the local fishing opportunities offered here. Then there are the camping trips for teen tourists offered across the little shallow rocky caves here that are scattered with cute blue starfish & many other interesting fishes. Snorkeling is another popular activity to go for while you are at Hoi An.


    A Hoi An is always incomplete if you don’t indulge yourself in some shopping spree. There is an insane group of shops waiting for you in Phan Chu Trinh, Hai Bat rung, Honag Dieu & riverside with irresistible treasures. Much to your delight, active competition among these shops keep the rates low. You will amazingly stylish clothes here. Besides, Hoi An is also famous for exotic handmade pottery, statuary, jewelry, quilts, furniture & embroidered sheets.

    Visit to Van Duc Pagoda

    You must make sure to visit Van Duc Pagoda as it’s the most famous pagoda of this Vietnamese city. It’s best to visit in evening rather than day- the evenings are truly spectacular here and you will amazed to find yourself amidst a breath-taking view of gardens and gates beautifully illuminated with lanterns and candles. The entire scenario becomes all the more special during auspicious celebrations and on the full moon nights.

    Hiking on Ba Na Hills

    Ba Na Hills would be wonderful if you are cool with little hiking and ready to spend a few extra bucks for something really unique and spectacular. The place presents a fantastic blend of awesome scenery & an interesting oriental theme park which is sure to please every member of the family. The theme park is reputed for its mind-blowing wax museum, a great wine cellar underground, dragon disco-themed unique bumper cars and cable-car ride. Monkeys galore make the situation all the more funny.

    Travel to Cham Island

    Your Hoi An tour will never be complete if you cannot take to Cham Island. It’s a truly breathtaking place with an awesome view the oozes an idyllic feeling – that you crave for in the regular hustle bustle of your packed city life. You will love the tranquil pristine beaches here and the turquoise waters are so soothing for the eyes. Cham Island also offers great snorkeling opportunities & some true authentic lip smacking seafood restaurants.

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    Hiking in Hawaii

    By cooldude | August 22, 2014

    hawaiiIf there is paradise for hiking then it is Hawaii! On the island of Hawaii you will have lava fields to the scenic hikes which are short. There are numerous sites of historic interest too. There are several trails in the Hawaii hiking which is extremely pleasurable. Your entire vacation will be spent in the islands of Hawaiian trails. People come from all over the world to visit their favourite place of trailing again and again.

    The trails on the big island of Hawaii are as follows:

    • Kilauea Iki Trail
    • Awini Trail
    • Papakolea Beach Trail
    • Muliwai (Z) Trail

    There are other trails too divided into the village isle of Maui and the garden isle of Kauai. The adventures usually start in the National Park of Hawaii Volcanoes offering a trail of more than 150 miles. Day hiking can be taken along the Craters Road chain or you can stroll through the Lava Tube of Thurston. The fields of volcano are perfect for walking and you can witness the sprawling sea of Kalapana. Backcountry hiking for the overnight journey is the usual procedure of the tourists as well as the locals. For the information regarding trailing, permits and maps you can go the Kiluea Visitor Centre.

    On the coast of Kona on the historical trail of Ala Kahakai can be found which is also known as the trail of King. The trail is 175 miles weaving through the sites of cultural significance including the temples called as heiau, fish ponds in the region, sand of the petroglyph type and the sites of historic importance. Some of the other wonderful hikes are in the North Kohala called as the Pololu Valley Lookout leading to a beach which is of black sand. Amidst the hikes there also exists Waipio Valley which is sprawling lush.

    Safe hiking to make sure about the relevance and advantage of the guidelines and the tips have to be followed up with certain guidelines which are as follows:

    • Shoes fit for hiking that can be treaded
    • For keeping cool carrying light shirts
    • Light pants but shorts are not recommended since you might get your legs scratched.
    • Mobile phones
    • For going the valleys and the rainforests carrying a light jacket
    • Insect and mosquito repellent
    • Backpack which combines water, sunscreen and lunch.

    Other inclusion for the long hikes are- first aid kit, sweater, compass, flashlight gloves of working and map. It is always advisable to have a companion together for hiking. Drinking water from the nearby water bodies is not recommended. When preparing for your Hawaiian hike check out these vacation rentals in Kauai as a place to stay between hikes. The next, concerning agenda in your itinerary is to check the time of month when traveling.  The ideal season to visit is spring. The season is called as high season and is the ending time when airfare prices are also low. The Merrie Monarch festival occurs during the season. However it is during the Christmas time that the visitors throng the island. Japanese visitors come during the spring since it is the Golden Week holiday that enables them to indulge in outing.

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    Ten Reasons To Travel To Bahamas

    By cooldude | July 24, 2014

    The friendly faces, the blue turquoise waters and the warm weather are some reasons why Bahama gives shelter to the great number of tourists. There are a number of reasons more that the Bahamas can offer and you could be missing out.

    ? The Clifton Heritage Site – it is filled with the beauty of nature and showcases a variety of birds. A visit to the place is like an encounter with the environment where you get to learn and be close to the nature. As the name suggests it is a very old site dating back in history of the slave era. You might also get glimpses of slave homes and a taste of history.

    ? Inagua Lands & Sea Park – it is located in the Inagua Island and the largest Flamingo reserve in the whole of Caribbean.

    ? Joulter Cays – it is situated in the Andros Island and is a unique place for those that are keen about fishing. It is a place for bird watching, swimming and all the other activities that you could name. The place is unique in a way that it has sand that is like powder and several endangered species live here. The Bahamas are taking a step to protect these species by making the area a protected wildlife area.

    ? Preachers Cay – it was used as a church ground by adventurers. The cave is located on the northern coast of Eleuthera. It is also known as the safe haven.

    ? Fortune Island – historians and experts believe that this was the very island that Columbus had named after Queen Isabella of Spain. It was to mark his gratitude to her for having funded his exhibition. There is also a belief that the only Albert town that is situated is a habitat of lost souls and people who lived there. The gigantic fortune hill located is visible from a good 12 miles away from sea. Bahamians wait here to be picked by ocean goers to take them to their fortune and new life.

    ? Southwest Point – It is famous to offer a clear view of the island of Cuba from a lighthouse that is hand-operated. It is situated in Inagua.

    ? Glass Window Bridge – it is one of the many wonders of the world that is several miles away from Preachers Cave. The special feature of the place is the spot where you can witness the turquoise water on one side and on the other the dark blue Atlantic water come together. The bridge was used to travel from north to south of the island. However the bad weather has destroyed the bridge although the beauty still beholds.

    ? Loyalist Memorial – it is a small place of art where there are figure of several members of the loyalist community that had travelled to avoid political disturbance during the American War of Independence. It is a memorial to those that helped build the community in the various parts of Bahama.

    ? Albury Boat Builders – it is a building company that builds the finest quality ships and boats in the region. It has been committed to its job for generations. You can also stop by and get to learn how its all done and find out more about the family.

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    Visit the 7th Wonder In India, The Taj Mahal

    By cooldude | March 8, 2014

    If you are the globe trotter with massive interest in history and its unforgettable stories, then the seventh wonder of the world-Taj Mahal is the ultimate tourism destination for you. The snow white facade architectural piece of wonder was built during the reign of Mughal monarch Shah Jahan. The Mughal king built Taj Mahal to convey his unconditional love for his wife Mumtaz.

    Visiting time:

    Every day, more than 60,000 visitors from across the world visit the Taj Mahal. All the bustle and clatter, traffic congestion and humid weather of Agra might deter you from visiting this great monument if you don’t belong to the land. But the heritage, popularity and aesthetic beauty of the Taj Mahal, will certainly make you visit this place surpassing all the obstacles. After October, till April ends when the summer is yet t grip the Indian subcontinent, is the ideal time to visit this place. If you want to relish the beauty of this monument during an Indian festival, then Diwali could be an alternative schedule.

    How to visit:

    If you are first time traveler you should not resist the temptation to visit the Taj in traditional Indian way which on a horse back. Several horse carriage carts are available from 2 miles away from the monument. These carts charge anything between Rs 50 to Rs 200 depending on your bargaining capacity. The battery operated van and buses are also available to take you to the Taj. Delhi is the closest airport to visit the seventh wonder of the world. You can also get down to Agra Cantt by taking a Shatabdi Express from Delhi.


    If you want to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Taj only, then a trip of four days three nights are sufficient. Moreover, taking a glimpse of the surrounding tourist spots like Fatehpur Sikhri, Golden Triangle and Bharatpur will give a complete idea of the reign of the Mughal emperors across the north India. On the first choice, you will have to spend Rs 50,000 for a mediocre trip. Luxury trips may cost another Rs 20,000. A grand Rs 1 lakh will make your journey complete in Agra in all respects for comfort and luxury.

    Tourist agencies:

    If you want to visit the place with several tourist agencies specialized in taking travelers on trip to the Mughal monuments, then you should book your trip in advance and be sure of the itinerary. Lunch, breakfast, air fares will be all covered by the agencies in your package. Be sure of hiring reputed agencies.

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